The prosecutions of former senior ASIS intelligence officer and whistleblower, Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Collaery, of David McBride, who leaked information on special forces, and of Australian Taxation Office (ATO) whistleblower, Richard Boyle, are all extreme examples of gross injustice and the prosecutions should be dropped immediately. The danger of this culture of intimidation, hiding of the truth and suppression of the media for our democracy can’t be overstated.

Supporters of whistleblowers are gathering at the ACT Courts this morning (Thursday 7th November) to support David McBride who has a hearing in the ACT Supreme Court at 9am.

National security should be a goal, not an excuse for hiding misdeeds or crimes!

We need whistleblowers – and a Free Press!

David McBride, an ADF lawyer, raised his concerns about the possible war crimes of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. David was let down by the ADF, which failed to act effectively to address the concerns.

The raids on the ABC and journalist Annika Smethurst around the Afghanistan files also set a dangerous precedent.

These current whistleblower cases involve information which the public has a right to know. They are unjust and designed to intimidate public servants, other whistleblowers, journalists and the public. This is dangerous in the extreme for our democracy.

All these prosecutions are a travesty of justice and should be dropped immediately!

The campaign to support whistleblowers is endorsed by Civil Liberties Australia, Timor Sea Justice Forum, Medical Association for the Prevention of war, The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN), and Wage Peace.

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