Author: Jade Macbeth

Can’t see the forest for the trees: Does environmental offsetting work?

Environmental offsets are a hot topic as areas of high-growth are losing green space to make way for new public infrastructure. The concept is relatively easy to understand, however the implementation processes are not so simple to grasp. In conversation with some of our best experts, reporter Jade Macbeth explores the mechanisms underpinning environmental offsetting and how effective they are.

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The loss of our urban green spaces may cost us more than we think

As various new forms of public infrastructure are needed to cater for population growth, the result is often removal of our urban green spaces to make way for it. Reporter Jade Macbeth set off to understand what these losses actually cost us. In conversation with Dr Tony Matthews, it became clear the scope of benefits extends far beyond the simple enjoyment of a picnic in the park, or a pleasant walk home from the bus stop.

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Tivoli Owners Reach Across River to Build a New Home for Live Music

Queensland’s oldest-standing theatre, The Princess, is set to become Brisbane’s newest home for live music and the arts. The 133-year-old theatre will be revitalised and opened to the public in August as a sister venue to Brisbane’s iconic live music venue, The Tivoli. “We have a real passion for preserving cultural history and preserving architectural history. We see a really unique opportunity for us to be a part of creating a dynamic cultural space on the south side of Brisbane,” co-owner Dave Sleswick said.

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