Tarcisio Teatini-Climaco’s Rio Rhythmics Dance Academy has been part of the fabric of West End for nearly thirty years. But the recent COVID lockdowns and now floods have taken a toll on the business.

Rio Rhythmics has been open for 28 years in the creative and cultural hub of West End. I’m so proud to have created a beautiful community of like-minded happy people. Every day we help people discover that dance is inside us and we all can dance. By doing so we elevate our lives, improve our mood, and create a healthy and better community for us all. Covid times pushed us far from each other, hiding our facial expressions and sending many people into prisons of fear, feeling stressed, isolated, alone, and sad. But you’re not alone,” Tarcisio said.

Now, Tarcisio wants to remind us of the power and benefits of partner dancing.

“Do you remember the last time you’ve had a really good hug? I bet it wasn’t one of the flimsy ones,” Tarcisio says.

“From skin to nerves to the brain, the organisation of our body’s touch circuits is a complex and often counterintuitive system. Physical touch affects everything from our social interactions to our general health and development.”

Tarcisio says dancing, like hugging, is a powerful way to reduce stress and help people with loneliness and depression.

“Being embraced gives you an instant feeling of closeness. It also reduces stress and feelings of loneliness (which is very harmful both mentally and physically, even affecting the immune system). A hug can help improve one’s self-esteem and give more meaning to people’s lives. It even reduces the fear of death! We need touch.”

One way to get your needed hugs is Latin Dance.

Latin dance can be effortless and achievable for everyone; Tarcisio says, “if you let us show you how”.

More than 44,000 people passed through Rio Rhythmics doors over the years, and at the beginning most of them thought they had two left feet, Tarcisio said, but now they can enjoy themselves, dancing gracefully with a partner or by themselves.

One of its many well-known patrons, Erin Evans, said Rio Rhythmics opened a whole new world for her.

“When I came back to West End after living overseas, dancing was a place to have fun, let go of the worries of the week and get fit. It was always a highlight of the week and energised me. The other benefit is that I have also made long lasting friends from dancing,” Erin said.

So, Let’s Get Dancing!

Rio Rhythmics now offers you the opportunity to connect, get fit, make friends, have fun, and belong.

To help get you onto the dance floor, Tarcisio will offer you TWO courses (10 weeks) for the price of one, a saving of $197.00.

To access the offer, all you need to do is call Rio Rhythmics on 07 38441824 or email at dancing@riorhythmics.com.au and cite the code #4101.

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