Dietician Annabel Johnston discovers some nutritious and tasty meals along Boundary and Russell Streets from cafes that cater for all food choices.


As we are all aware, West End is home to Brisbane’s most eclectic and unique little eateries. Boundary Street is filled to the brim with these gorgeous little food havens’ which support both healthy eating and sustainable choices.

From a dietitian’s perspective, it is fantastic to see the variety of nutritious food available. There is something to suit everyone, as the West End culture supports varying dietary restrictions, ethical principles, and food preferences.

Today we will discuss the five dietitian-approved foodie experiences, highlighting the benefits of each choice.

The Burrow

Situated just off boundary street, The Burrow is a homely-styled beach shack. The café welcomes you with arms wide open and cheerful staff leading you to the tropical vista out back. But the magic does not stop there. When you open the menu, you feel overwhelmed by the number of nutritious and delicious options (you can’t really pick wrong here). The Levantine and the nacho bowl are two excellent options, loaded with vegetables, fibre, and the ability to add protein. This is a dietitian hack that I always recommend, making the meal more satisfying and filling.

Oak Berry

Are you wanting to expand your palette and try something different? Why not head around the corner to my go-to acai shop, Oak Berry. Here, you’ll be able to taste the world-renowned Brazilian Acai, whist, also smashing your fruit intake for the day. Two birds with one stone.

Swiss Gourmet Deli West End

This deli reminds me of days spent travelling through Europe. As soon as you enter, your senses take control – freshly made sandwiches, the medley of cheeses and the homemade plates of pasta. Both the sight and smell of the Swiss Deli is cause for immediate salivation. Due to being adults though, we are able to hold it in (for the most part). Well, until we sit down and take our first bite. Then it’s all over red rover.

Cheeky Poke Bar

This groovy Hawaiian inspired poke bowl shop is perfect for a group with varying dietary requirements. Cheeky Poke caters for all – vegetarians, pescatarians, meat lovers, vegans, you name it. What’s even better is that you can design your perfect poke bowl using the tailor-made guide. Be prepared to leave feeling pretty damn full, but 100% satisfied that you have had a major hit of nutrients.


If you are looking for lunch on the go, which is on the lighter side, Wrapture could be your place. Its groovy fairy lights and Moroccan-styled atmosphere, leave you feeling nice, relaxed, and ready for a mighty good wrap. The lamb wrap with Tzatziki is my absolute favourite because it has got a hit of protein, a healthy fat (yoghurt) and a carbohydrate base to keep energy levels in check for the rest of the workday.

So there you have it. Five of West End’s best brunch spots, all dietitian-approved and perfect for your next foodie venture. For more ideas regarding food suggestions, please contact me directly using the details below.

If you have a favourite go to place for nutritious meals, let us know.

Cover image, The Burrow, by Annabel Johnston