This election, the Griffith LNP and ALP candidates chose not to attend a community forum in West End. So, the West End Community Association and the Westender invited representatives from community organisations, and voters, to ask questions of the candidates via video.

We also invited candidates for their responses.

Here is Terri Butler MP’s response to the questions asked. She covers housing affordability, social housing, refugees, the religious discrimination bill, cost of living, small business, and climate and disaster preparedness.

Apologies that the video comes without captions, we were unable to add them due to time constraints,

0.00 – Response to Penny Carr

1.38 – Response to Paul Walton

5.24 – Response to Abhi

6.21 – Response to Mary Maher

10.21 – Response to George Fonitos

12.57 – Response to Dan Rennie

13.58 – Response to Seleneah More

15.30 – Response to Jane Holden from Community Plus

18.31 – Response to Boe Spearim

24.06 – Response to Jimmy Fahham from Community Friends

See the questions here.