Vikki Uhlmann’s farewell to Norma Morgan’s beloved dog, Sunny.

You might remember a time when an old lady and her dog used to walk the streets of Hill End. Her name was Norma Morgan, and her dog, Sunny, but most just knew them as ‘the old lady and the dog.’ Some remembered that she was dressed in a nightie and used a walker in later years. And that the dog simply followed her, needing neither collar nor lead. 

Together they would sit outside her place at 55 Hill End Terrace and watch the passing parade. Norma loved a little chat and welcomed all passers-by. And Sunny would be by her side, often playing with one of the squeaker toys he loved so much. 

Every Saturday, they would walk over a kilometre to the markets in Davies Park. They were treated a little like royalty, with Norma offered a cuppa and a seat and Sunny a bit of bacon. And they were indeed royalty for West End, Norma having been involved in so many different community projects both here and in other places they had lived.

After Norma sadly passed away in January last year, aged almost 97, we held a community celebration of her life where people told the stories of her life that have become legends. As time passed, flowers continued to mount on the empty chairs outside her place as if we’d lost something more than an old lady. 

Sunny then came to live with me, and the legend continued. Wherever Sunny went, people would come up to him with a smile and a hug and recount their memories. And as he aged, his grey made him look so dignified that he took on an even more noble persona. He finally passed away this week, aged 15. Not bad for a blue heeler. 

There are so many stories about both of them. Remember them fondly. They were my dear friends.